Hi, I’m Vemund!

I work and live in Oslo, Norway. In my spare time, I’m a hobby traveler, hobby photographer, and a hobby writer.

I love the feeling of getting lost in a friendly city when your compass feels broken, and east and vest don’t make any sense. And only hours of walking and tired feet can fix the city-puzzle.

Before I go to a new place I always read about it to get the most out of my stay. And on my way back, what I often liked best about the trip just never happened to be what I read about.
Sure, the big things! Hagia Sophia or the Eiffel Tower… Still, I must admit that all the small things often make all the difference.

What I hope for in this website, in both text and pictures, is to describe some of this walkabout street-feeling: Living streets, people, local markets, the right cafe and everyday life is the real beauty of a city, and the main attractions are just a pleasant bonus.