Road Trip with kids

  Road Trip with kids can be heaven or hell, and often it’s a combination of bad luck and badly planning that can make your trip an unforgettable nightmare. Luckily it can be quite easy to prevent at least some of the mistakes: Never ever be in such a rush that your family (especially kids) eats in the car; ketchup […]

Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge – The walk down the ravine starts with this view: One day walk in Samaria Gorge – on the Island of Crete, in mid-summer in the middle of the day? Doesn’t it sound burning hot? Happily, it was not! There was a slow and refreshing air-movement down here in the valley, cooling it all […]

Rugen and West Germany with kids

Summer 2018 is set to West Germany & Denmark. Maybe it doesn’t sound too WOW? But I think it can be interesting with cities and places like Rugen – Stralsund – Lybeck – Bremen – Rostock – Kiel – hopefully, Helgoland, and Copenhagen. Rugen and West Germany happen to be with kids, 5 of them […]