The mountain village Xinaliq in Azerbaijan

Mountain village Xinaliq in Azerbaijan

Xinaliq The village was included in the Cultural Landscape of Khinalig People and “Köç Yolu” Transhumance Route UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2023. Xinaliq is located southwest of Quba in the middle of the greater Caucasus Mountains, at 2300 meters above sea level.  

The village name can be written in many ways: Xinaliq Khinalug, Khynalyg, or Khinalyg. Wikipedia uses the form Khinalug, but the city sign undoubtedly uses the form: Xinaliq (and it has to count for something).

The road to Xinaliq is spectacular in many ways, spectacular also in its low security and bad condition.

Spectacular scenery and an hour climbing for the cars.

The village.

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