Baraholka market in Alamaty

Baraholka market in Almaty. Baraholka is a materialistic paradise worth a day, even more, Here I can go all day looking, and I guess I can find thousands of things I did not know I needed before I spotted it. For comparison, I did not see Dordoy Bazaar in Bishkek with my own eyes, but both Baraholka market and Dordoy Bazaar are large wholesale and retail markets. While Dordoy Bazaar is; “One of Asia’s greatest public marketplace and one of ten biggest markets in the world. And the main entry point through which consumer goods from China arrive at shops and markets in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Uzbekistan (Wikipedia). Its impossible not to think of Baraholka as the same. Baraholka is huge, go and see, get lost and enjoy!

Here is the map for The Baraholka Market in Almaty:




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