Osh Bazaar – Bishkek

Osh Bazaar is one of the largest bazaars in Bishkek. Here you can buy a lot of local food, dried fruit, meat, bread, household goods, clothes, souvenirs, locally produced items and more. Bishkek was found on one of the branches of the silk road. And you can surely feel the vibe of trade here, like a breeze from the ancient Silk-Road. Kyrgyzstan is, after all, a trading crossroad and been so for thousands of years. If you are into photography you can walk around for days finding a new and fascinating motive behind every corner of the bazaar.

Buy yourself a “Lepeshka”, the round-shap bread that’s traditional for the people of Sentral Asia.

Selling Kurut.

Osh Bazaar has its own meat-market, its’ small with no ventilation and the intense smell of dead animals is unpleasant (compare to the Green-marked in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the meat-market in Osh Bazaar is small and not too interesting from a photo point of view).

Osh Bazaar is for everyday goods and food.
Photo-carousel from Osh Bazaar:

If you are into strange dairy product you come to the right place! In Osh Bazaar you will find local dairy products you never will find in your local supermarket at home. Koumiss or kymyz (mare’s milk) is the most famous (like Haggis is famous in Scotland). Fermented light sparkling Koumiss with a small alcohol consentration, yes it’s possible to get drunk on horse milk (if you manage to drink enogh!).

Kurut; Dried yogurt snacks rolled to balls or other shapes, the one I eat was salty and, not my taste to be honest.

Want to try? The dairy-lady gives you a taste! She only speaks Russian of course, and my Russian do not cover advanced aspects of dairy products I’m afraid. It did not taste good at all, and I am not sure what I was drinking, to be honest.

Osh Bazaar is located on the west side of the town, close to the Western Bus Station. Here is the map for The Osh Bazaar in Bishkek:

The Green Market – Almaty

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