The Green Market – Almaty

The Green Bazaar in Almaty is a major tourist attraction and been an important trading post. A must-see for Photo-enthusiasts, it’s not possible to walk out of here without spectacular photos; here you find colors, people, goods, fruits, compositions, space, light. You just find too much of everything in here and interesting photos just waits for you to take it.

The Green Bazaar in Almaty is also known as Zelyoniy Bazaar or Zelyoniy Green Bazaar. In 1887 Almaty suffered a major earthquake destroyed the bazaar, and in 1927 the bazaar was reconstructed as you can see it today. The Green Bazaar selling a lot of goods like clothes and shoes, but the food market with its spices, prepared foods, vegetables, honey, and meat is, without doubt, the most colorful and interesting part of the marked.

Osh Bazaar – Bishkek.

Baraholka market in Alamaty

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