Tbilisi – Georgia

Tbilisi – Georgia was a really nice surprise! I would say it’s my number one positive travel experience from a country I didn’t know what to expect from. Not too many European tourists here, it should be! This is a friendly, modern and nice city. A real feel-good city, to half the prize of Europe. Googling […]

Osh Bazaar – Bishkek.

Osh Bazaar is one of the largest bazaars in Bishkek. Here you can buy a lot of local food, dried fruit, meat, bread, household goods, clothes, souvenirs, locally produced items and more. Bishkek was found on one of the branches of the silk road. And you can surely feel the vibe of trade here, like […]

Baraholka market in Alamaty

Baraholka market in Almaty. Baraholka is a materialistic paradise worth a day, even more, Here I can go all day looking, and I guess I can find thousands of things I did not know I needed before I spotted it. For comparison, I did not see Dordoy Bazaar in Bishkek with my own eyes, but […]

The Green Market – Almaty

The Green Bazaar in Almaty is a major tourist attraction and been an important trading post. A must-see for Photo-enthusiasts, it’s not possible to walk out of here without spectacular photos; here you find colors, people, goods, fruits, compositions, space, light. You just find too much of everything in here and interesting photos just waits for […]