Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge – The walk down the ravine starts with this view:

One day walk in Samaria Gorge – on the Island of Crete, in mid-summer in the middle of the day? Doesn’t it sound burning hot? Happily, it was not! There was a slow and refreshing air-movement down here in the valley, cooling it all down to a pleasant trip, most of the footpath goes under the canopy or deep in the valley away from direct sunlight. The last part of the trip is in direct sun, but here you can take a bus if you want.

Overweight, no longer a teenager, out-of-shape and not the best jogging shoes, but no problem at all. I even walk some of the distance with a young lady in slippers. I wouldn’t recommend you to do exactly that, even if she said it was no problem of all (she must have been a professional slipper-enthusiast). Bringing my kids along Samaria Georgia would also work fine, one by one, this is not the place for pushing and nagging. The biggest problem would have been motivation…. maybe that tells most about my kids.

The start of the walk is quite steep. I don’t like heights while it did not feels a problem here. The worst parts are the worn out rocks form hundreds of thousands of feet walking the ravine, polish the rocks and made them felt slippery even as dry.

Remember: If you walk in, you also have to walk out. Bad knees or heart-problem? If you don’t know you can do this, then “Do not try to do it!”, The guide was crystal clear.

Could you guess what this is? If so you are completely right! This is the ambulance of course 🙂 Not what you can call for if you have blisters or wasn’t as fit as you thought. Close to dying, on the other hand, this is the best to hope for, or so say the guide, if you ask me it looks painful to ride on also…

People show a lot of both energy and creativity at the start of the tour.

Beautiful don’t you think?

Sorry, this is a work in progress, more pictures are coming.

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